Training Plans and Curriculums are now available!

Clear and concise training will provide the City's Business Partners with the skills and knowledge needed to realize the full potential of the new PeopleSoft solution. The ability for Vendors/Suppliers to integrate the PeopleSoft system and new business processes into their work environment is dependent upon quality training.  Please click on the link below to access our list of available training classes:

   List of the Available Self-Service Training 


The primary objectives of the training are as follows:
    • Provide Vendors with skills and knowledge to perform key business functions with minimal interruption
    • Provide materials to reference how to perform daily work responsibilities that can be maintained and updated on an ongoing basis
    • Provide Vendors with an opportunity to perform hands-on exercises and activities using a training environment with realistic and relevant F$P data and examples
    • Provide Vendors with the necessary information to update and maintain their organization's contact, banking, and compliance information as well as viewing and submitting bids, digitally signing contracts,  and electronically submitting invoices for online payment