Self-Service Training is Available

Below you will find the training courses available for suppliers and bidders with the City and County of San Francisco. 

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 Topics Included in Training Course

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  • Introduction
    • Introduction to the Supplier Portal (Start Here!)
  • Creating and Managing your Bidder Profile
    • Register as a Bidder
    • Manage your Security for the Portal
    • Manage and Update Bidder Information
  • Becoming a Supplier as a Bidder and Maintaining Supplier Compliance
    • Becoming a Supplier as a Bidder
    • Compliance: Submitting your 12B Declaration
    • Compliance: Submitting your 14B Declaration
  • Managing your Supplier Profile
    • Maintain Supplier Account Information
    • Maintain Supplier Categories
    • Adding a New User Profile to an Existing Supplier
  • Submitting Bids
    • Bidding on a Sourcing Event
    • Participating in Discussion Forums
  • Next Steps after Winning a Bid
    • Collaborate On and Sign a Contract
    • Acknowledge a Purchase Order
  • Getting Paid
    • Create an Invoice Using a Purchase Order
    • Create an Invoice Using a Packing Slip
    • Check Payment Status
  • Payment Affidavits and Acknowledging Payments for Primes and Subs
    • Enter Payment Affidavit (Prime)
    • Enter Payment Affidavit (Sub)
    • Run Participation Report
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