Good News for Vendors:

After our deployment of the new PeopleSoft system in July 2017, you will use this link to LOGIN/REGISTER (coming after deployment in July 2017). All current City Vendors will be automatically enrolled in the new system. Do you have a Vendor Number? Have you kept your business tax up to date? If so, you will be sent an email to register in the new system sometime AFTER July 1, 2017. If you are NOT a current City Vendor, you can register in the system as a Bidder. This will allow you to access bid opportunities, register your specialties, and submit bids.

The new PeopleSoft System has a lot of great functionality for Contractors, Vendors, and Suppliers.  In the future, this website will lead you to the Supplier Portal, a one-stop shop for Bidders and Suppliers to all City Departments.  In the supplier portal, you will be able to access the following functionalities:


  • Bidders and Suppliers can self-register
  • Bidders and Suppliers can view sourcing events (bid opportunities) posted to the portal
  • Bidders and Suppliers can submit bids through the portal
  • Suppliers can check their compliance status online
  • Suppliers can submit invoices through the portal
  • Bidders and Suppliers will now be paid online and manage their own accounts


By the way, we'll have to get used to the new terms in the new system.  The words "Bidder," "Supplier," and "Contractor," are going to referred to differently in the new system. The big name changes are as follows:

Remember Our Big Name Change: