Get started with our new Financial and Procurement System

All current City Vendors have been automatically enrolled in the new system. However, if you did not update your Point of Contact Information you will have to do so before we can activate your account.  Please contact to request the activation of your account.  You will need to provide your company name, a point of contact, and email address and for verification purposes, your Federal Employee Identification Number (FEIN) number.

If you did update your Point of Contact prior to June 18, you received an email link activating your account on July 3.

If you did not receive an email, go to this link for troubleshooting tips.

About the New System:

The new PeopleSoft System has enhanced functionality for those doing contract business with the City. It includes the Supplier Portal, a one-stop shop for Bidders and Suppliers to get all the information they need. In the Supplier Portal, you will be able to do the following:

  • View sourcing events (bid opportunities)

  • Submit bids through the portal

  • Check compliance status

  • Submit invoices 

  • Get paid online 

  • Manage account/business information 

An Important Name Change

The new system comes with new terminology when referring to those doing business with the City. There are two different categories to remember:


Someone who bids for a contract with the City. Bidders can become suppliers once they have received all the necessary certifications and approvals required to do business with the City. Those seeking to do business with the City must first register as bidders and demonstrate compliance.


Suppliers are entities that have met all the compliance requirements necessary to conduct business with the City. Suppliers can continue to bid on contracts once they have been approved. If you are already doing business with the City you are automatically a Supplier in the new system.