New to City Business?

If you are new to doing business with the City of San Francisco, you should start by registering in our system as a bidder. Our easy 5 step instructions are below. If you are already a supplier with a supplier i.d. number, go here.


  • A completed W-9 form (the W-9 Form can be found at
  • Federal Tax Identification Number or Social Security Number
  • Official Name of Company, as listed on W-9
  • Business Type, Contact Name and Address


  • Go to the supplier portal. You will create a username for logging into our system while registering as bidder.
  • After completing this step you will receive a Bidder ID and password to the portal.
  • You can then log in using this password and your username.


  • After registering as a Bidder, contact User Support by email or by phone to let them know your intent to become a supplier and receive a Supplier ID.
  • User Support will assign your ticket to Supplier Management.


  • To become a Supplier, you must complete Business Tax Registration with the Treasurer and Tax Collector’s Office (see link below).
  • Suppliers must also submit a 12B Compliance Declaration.
  • Bidders can submit the 12 Compliance Declaration by logging onto the Supplier Portal (see link below).


  • Once your business registration is processed and 12B Compliance Declaration is approved, the City will convert your profile from bidder to supplier and send you a Supplier ID number via email.
  • Please allow 3 business days to receive a Supplier ID number.


Already a Supplier?

If you are already a supplier with a supplier ID, you already have an account in our system and should NOT register as a bidder. Please call User Support at 415-944-2442 to activate your account.

Not sure? Call User Support and they can look you up in our system.



Business Tax Registration:

12B Compliance Program: benefits-program

Go To Supplier Portal:

How to Register as a Bidder in the System: