If you have already registered and have an account you can login here.

Existing Bidder and Supplier Registration

If you are already doing business with the City, but are not yet registered in the new system, please check your email for an activation link. This spring we asked that existing partners provide a point of contact to serve as your Supplier Administrator. On July 3rd, Supplier Administrators received an email with the subject line “SFCityPartner Supplier Portal” from the City that contained the link to activate your account. Please carefully follow the email instructions.

For training on how to navigate to the Supplier Portal, please go to the Training Page.  

If you didn’t receive an email on July 3rd, please follow these troubleshooting tips:

  1. Check with your colleagues in your company to see if someone else received the email.
  2. Check your spam mail folder to see if the email is there.
  3. Are you already an Approved Vendor with the City of San Francisco?  If not, you wouldn’t have received an email, even if you updated your point of contact.

If you’ve tried these tips but the issue hasn’t been resolved, please contact our User Support desk at sfcitypartnersupport@sfgov.org, or call 415-944-2442.

Did you receive an activation email but couldn’t log in?

Please contact the City and County of San Francisco Department of Technology at 415-581-7100.

New Bidders and Suppliers

Those seeking to do business with the City can follow the link below to register for a new account. Once registered, you will become a Bidder and can initiate the process to become a Supplier. Please visit this page for an explanation of what it means to be a Bidder versus a Supplier.

Click here to register as a Bidder.