Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Updated July 2, 2017



Where can I find training?
We have loads of online training for Suppliers and Bidders on our Training Page.
For available bidding opportunities, will we be able to filter on those rather than pouring through all of the opportunities that we’re not interested in?
Yes, PeopleSoft has a lot of great filtering and searching capability.
Will Non Profits be using the system?
Yes, all types of suppliers can use the system.
Will I need to buy or download any special or expensive software to use this new system?
No. Our new system is entirely web based and is compatible with every major browser. You will never have to download or purchase any software to enjoy the benefits of our new system.
What if I work with two different departments? Do I have to have two separate accounts? .
No! Our system is fully integrated with all departments. Your account works across all departments.
What will happen to the Contracts I had in the old system?
All open contracts have been brought over from the old system to the new. Not all detail will be available for these transactions but we will provide balances and budgets.
How many users can I assign to my organization's account?
That's entirely up to the organization. Our new system will allow organizations to assign a primary administrator and multiple users. Administrators will be able to assign users varied levels of access and control.
How will joint ventures be registered in the new system?
Joint Ventures are new entities and need new accounts. However, a Supplier Administrator can be associated with more than one account.
Will we be able to attach documents to our transactions?
Yes. You can attach documents to many transactions, including Bids, Contracts, and Invoices.
What is required for me to do business with the new system?
All you need is access to a computer and the Internet. If your organization is currently doing business with the City or it has an active, compliant account, your organization's information will be migrated over to the new system. If not, you will be able to apply to become a bidder and bid on business opportunities to become a Supplier. Additionally, registering in the new system will allow you to apply for special statuses such as Local Business Enterprises (LBE) or Grantee. This initial registration process will walk you through how to assign your organization's primary administrator, users, and banking information.
I am a City Grantee. Will I be able to do all of my client reporting into the new system or will I still use GMS and CARBON to report Clients per Contract?
Client reporting will not be done in the system. Departments will continue to collect that data as they do today.
What about CMD rules and regulations, will those be captured in the new system?
Yes, CMD’s forms have been incorporated in the new system. CMD is performing its compliance within our system.
Where will we find RFQs for bidding when this new system goes live?
RFQs and RFPs can be found on our new Supplier Portal. Eventually, the City will centralize all bids on the Supplier Portal. However, we are taking a phased approach and not all departments will use the Supplier Portal at first. However, there will be links to all departments’ bid opportunities on the Supplier Portal.
How can I get help in the system? Is there a help desk or someone to talk to if we get stuck when we use this new system?
Absolutely! You contact SF City Partner Support at 415-944-2442. You can also reach User Support via email at We also have a Knowledge Center with Self-Help Articles at