Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Here is the list of the Frequently asked questions:
Why are we implementing a new ERP solution now? What was the reasoning behind the need for the Financial System Project (F$P)?
Keeping pace with today's technology is at the heart of this transformation, and with the right capabilities, the City can offer services to better serve our business partners and the City's financial needs. The City’s current City-wide financial system, FAMIS (Financial Accounting and Management Information System), has reached the end of its lifecycle, and can no longer support the City’s business requirements. The City requires a comprehensive ERP Solution to enable the City to better serve its taxpayers and business community. Namely, the new system will allow the City's business partners to apply, view, modify, and track their compliance online. The City's business partners will also enjoy the ability to view and bid on business opportunities across multiple City departments, negotiate and sign contracts, submit and track invoices, and receive electronic payments--all online!
What is required for me to do business with the new system?
All you need is access to a computer and the Internet. If your organization is currently doing business with the City or it has an active, compliant account, your organization's information will be migrated over to the new system. If not, you will be able to apply to become a bidder and bid on business opportunities to become a Supplier. Additionally, registering in the new system will allow you to apply for special statuses such as Local Business Enterprises (LBE) or Grantee. This initial registration process will walk you through how to assign your organization's primary administrator, users, and banking information.
How will I learn how to use the new system?
Starting in May, the City's business partners will be able to access our robust training library. From the convenience of your computer, Bidders and Suppliers will have 24/7 access to a multimedia learning environment. Simple and informative training videos will be posted on this website to walk you through everything you will need to know.
Will I need to buy or download any special or expensive software to use this new system?
No. Our new system is entirely web based and is compatible with every major browser. You will never have to download or purchase any software to enjoy the benefits of our new system.
Are any of the City's business processes changing?
No. The only major change is the platform in which the City conducts its business. Come July, the City and its business partners will be able enjoy the benefits of 21st-century technology--saving you invaluable time and money.
What will happen to the Contracts I have in the current system?
All open contracts will be brought over from the old system to the new. Not all detail will be available for these transactions but we will provide balances and budgets.
How many users can I assign to my organization's account?
That's entirely up to the organization. Our new system will allow organizations to assign a primary administrator and multiple users. Administrators will be able to assign users varied levels of access and control.
Do I have to take the City's training to use the system?
We highly encourage all users to use the training tools provided. However, you can access your portal without training. You will NOT be able to submit invoices online until you have taken training.