Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Updated March 6, 2018
How can I get some training?
We have a robust online training library right here. Just navigate to the Training page for 24/7 access to a multimedia learning environment. Simple and informative training materials are posted to this website to walk you through a variety of topics.
Will I need to buy or download any special or expensive software to use this new system?
No. Our new system is entirely web based and is compatible with every major browser. You will never have to download or purchase any software to enjoy the benefits of our new system.
How many users can I assign to my organization's account?
That's entirely up to the organization. Our new system will allow organizations to assign a primary administrator and multiple users. For more info, check out this Knowledge Article:
How can I view the status of my invoice?
Go to the Training Page complete step by step instructions. Click on the lesson called “Getting Paid: Check Payment Status”
How can I view the City’s bid opportunities?
Anyone from the public can view bid opportunities by going to our Bidding Opportunities page or directly to the Supplier Portal. To bid on opportunities you must register as a Bidder. You can register as a Bidder on the Supplier Portal. Look for the Register as a Sourcing Bidder Box in the upper left hand corner of the page
How do I sign up to receive direct deposit of my payments?
Suppliers can register to receive payments directly to their bank account via PayMode-X. Please go to this link for more information:
What if I need more hand-holding to get started?
User Support provides Open Labs for Suppliers every Monday (except Holidays) from 9 – 5 PM. Just show up at our offices on 1155 Market Street, 6th floor during those times. Webex’s can be arrange by emailing