Understanding Your Role

Your starting point depends on what your current status is. Please review the following options -- who are you?

Potential BidderRegistered BidderApproved Supplier
A potential bidder is a business that has never done business with the City but is interested in competing for bid opportunities.

The first step for a potential bidder is to review the training for the supplier portal at sfcitypartner.sfgov.org.

Our online training will walk the User step-by-step through the registration process.

Becoming a registered bidder allows the User to bid on City opportunities.
A registered bidder is a business that has successfully registered as a bidder in the supplier portal.

Registered Bidders can bid on City Opportunities using the Supplier Portal.

When a Registered Bidder wants to become an Approved Supplier, the Registered Bidder should begin by emailing sfcitypartnersupport@sfgov.org or calling 415/944-2442.

Our User Support Team will assign the request (or ticket) to our Supplier Management Team. We’ll also let the User know what documentation they must submit in order to progress to the next level (Approved Supplier).

The Supplier Management Teams waits for confirmation from Treasurer and Tax Office that Business Registration has been approved before converting a Bidder to a Supplier.

A new Supplier ID is then issued.
Approved suppliers are suppliers who have been approved to conduct business with the city, whether or not they have won a contract. An approved supplier has completed the required compliance documents: 12B Compliance and Business Tax Registration.

If you are an approved supplier who is not yet using the new supplier portal, please email sfcitypartnersupport@sfgov.org or call 415/944-2442 to get your username and password to the supplier portal.

You can also begin your online training at sfcitypartner.sfgov.org.